Sunday, July 03, 2005

Blast from the Past

So we went to a local pool this afternoon to try to beat the 102 degree heat. As I 'm there in the kiddie end of the pool chasing after the Critter, he bumps into this lady who is chasing after her own critter, and even more pg than me. I look up to apologize, and immediately have that feeling that you know you're looking at someone from your past whom you should remember, but can't quite put your finger on it. My mind was completely on keeping the Critter within yanking distance so he doesn't drown, and the whole thing didn't register until I was past her. So I continued following Critter, and she called my name in that questioning manner that said she was having the same experience....but got it. I then realized that this was a girl who was in my JH/HS crew in the 80's. We weren't that close, but had a very close mutual friend in the group, who moved away in HS, so we drifted. Wow. I attended my first concert - Van Halen 1984 - with her, went to the first and only wrestling match I've ever attended (her 14th birthday party - she wanted something no one else had done, and succeeded!), and wrapped more boy's houses with this chick than I can put a number to. She is expecting her third child, as well. Man, do I feel old.......


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