Thursday, July 14, 2005

SPF: Memories, movies, mousse.....

Yes, this was a flashback kind of week. First we had prom pics from The Kept Woman on Wednesday, and now for SPF three more items to make us look back and cringe.... Kristine at Random and Odd asked us to post '80s theme items: something we can't let go of, a picture of ourselves, and a CD or movie. As I was looking for the prom pic on Wed., I ran across all these other pics spanning '81-'89. Here is just a sampling. I should have this stuff in albums, don't, but do have it all contained in one box, along with plaques, flowers, etc. from the era. I would have to say that the pics have made the "keep" cut more times than any of the other stuff. Second, I have a photo from 1987, my Jr. year. I must have burned all the others, because I know there were MUCH higher bangs and bigger earrings in my past than these! I can tell you that this was probably the most "high-maintenance" hair I ever had, though. I have naturally curly hair, and lived in humid Texas; I remember just the hair taking an hour to straighten and then re-curl. Yowza! And we won't even get into the percentage of my paychecks that went toward products...Third, I have a Footloose soundtrack cassette tape....I don't even remember when I got my first CD player, but I know I was probably in college, the '90s. I was IN LOVE with Kevin Bacon. Who wasn't? I remember my girlfriends and I learned all the dance sequences, and I'm fairly certain there was a talent show act based on them at one point, sorry no pics of that. I'm pretty sure this was my second copy of the tape, as I had worn out the first.Ahhhh, memories....wouldn't go back if you paid me!


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I didn't get a CD player until like 1993!!

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