Wednesday, July 13, 2005

WAY Back a time and place which should probably be left there...

The Kept Woman asked us to the prom.....This was the only pic I could find, as my scrapbooking proclivities didn't surface until the digital age. And as evidenced by my date's half-head, my Mom's photographic abilities hadn't yet developed at the time. This is me and my date Chris, in 1986 for his Senior Prom at our HS. I was a Sophmore, and not officially supposed to go, but no one kicked me out. The dress was one I'd seen at NM, and WAY too expensive, so my talented Mom copied it.....down to the sewn-on sequins on the appliqued organza flowers. She even made matching shoe clips with the same flowers.....remember those? We had previously been friends, and this was our first date. Anyway, we had a great time. Later I heard he had started playing for the other team.....the all male wonder he had trouble planting that goodnight kiss.


Blogger aka_Mer said...

Oooooo you're mom is so awesome for copying that dress for you! YEAH for GOOD MOMS! LOL.

PS: You just almost like my friend Kari did in 1986... same hair style exactly! :)

4:28 PM  
Blogger Mama Duck said...

I am sooooo impressed with your mother's talent. Wow.

"he had started playing for the other team"...hee hee. I went to Homecoming with a guy like that but I was pretty sure he was already batting for that team, we just went as friends.

Also, dang! If only we had known each other when I was living back home...I miss Austin! Enjoy a drink at The County Line (on the hill) for me at sunset!

8:49 PM  
Blogger Nilbo said...

Wow - a date with you drove someone to the other team? That's impressive! You just KNOW the reason he switched was "Well .. once you've been to the mountaintop ... what else will even compare?"

You know, either that or "Geez ... they're a lot more trouble than they're worth ..." (g)

10:57 AM  

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