Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sugar & Spice......

Today I went in for my 24 week sonogram - Yes kids, 24, not 20...being of "advanced maternal age" - their term, NOT mine, I'm only 35- I get a later show. Everything looks great, and she is perfect! While I had just the standard sono, and although my pics aren't as good as Amy's fancy ones from the nifty 4d contraption (which has been outlawed in TX by the way), I still think it's amazing to be able to see anything at all. She waved while the tech was rolling around my belly - there really are 5 fingers, just the angle is weird in the picture.

I am completely wiped out this morning. The Pyrenees Beast woke me up at 3 a.m. barking at...the wind, fireflies, who knows?....and then I was totally awake after trekking down,

and back up,

2 flights of stairs to lock him in the garage. GRRRRRRR! So there I lay, willing myself to go back to sleep, knowing that I had to get up early - kids up at 7:30, babysitter arriving at 8:15, Dr. appt. at 9, morning traffic.... As I reached for my lovely bottle of cold water on the nightstand....and couldn't find it, I remembered that I couldn't eat or drink anything until after the appt. (My glucose screening was this morning, as well, so I had to fast from midnight on. I usually drink about a liter -no lie- of water at night, so this was HARD.) So of course I immediately was thirsty beyond belief. I finally drifted off and woke up feeling like I had a hangover at 6:15. But I treated myself to a yummy breakfast at La Madeleine after it was all over, and now I feel great.

It's so different with "not the first" child. It doesn't really matter what kid it is after the first, just not the first. You have so much more experience, and aren't stupid in the same ways you were with your first. There was this poor girl in the lab with me getting blood drawn, newly pg, and she was all whacked out about the fact that she had to have it done, and that she had fainted the only other time she had blood drawn. I swear, by the time it was her turn, she almost fainted just getting into the chair. I remember being her, way back when, with my first preg. By the time you take that first child home, you have been observed, poked, prodded, stuck, squeezed, and any number of truly disgusting things that I'll spare you the details of, but you moms can fill in the blanks. Generally, you've been handled so much that you really have no inhibitions left at all. I remember thinking that I didn't really care if it was a janitor down at the end of that table to catch that first baby, just SOMEBODY GET IT OUT!!! It is all so much more enjoyable with prior experience, and these beautiful children are COMPLETELY worth it.....


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