Thursday, September 01, 2005

Riddle Me This....

Several things that have been floating around in my gray matter for a few days.....

First: A Moral Question:What in the world are people who have no shelter, no viable sewage system, no clean drinking water, nor any food fit for consumption thinking when they "loot" (a.k.a. "find", "steal") 6 pairs of Nikes, or several xBoxs, or a trunkload of beer? Do they think they can sell it? Who do they think will buy it? What good is it doing them or anyone else?
And I'm not going to even get into the racial spin the media semantics hold....
How is their situation different from this group's? (Click the photo to see the caption.)

On Second Thought... Land of the Free?
Did you know (I didn't, thanks, M) that one little known provision of our fearless leader's No Child Left Behind Act contains a rule requiring all secondary schools to report their student information to military recruiters? But there is a remedy. Go to this site to get your high schooler on the 'opt out' list.

Third: Why must EVERYTHING be bigger in Texas?
The Critter called out:"Look Mama, a BIRD!" Ummmmm.....I think NOT.
Last night after dinner as the boys were playing with the water hose, that thing crawled/flew out of the woodpile. OMG!!!! I have never seen a bug this big, and I've lived in Texas practically my whole life, and visited many tropical spots. Notice the comparison to the big wheel toy in the background.
Granted, the perspective is a little skewed as it's uphill, and the riding toy is mini....BUT, STILL! It was 6-7 inches nose to wingtip, I kid you not. (I was a little freaked out that it would try to fly at one of the boys, and you just know that something that sinister-looking would sting, thus the blurry shots.)

Lastly, A Riddle:
Q: What do a miner's lamp, a fleece moose hat, and enough gorp to feed an army have in common?

A: A place of honor in Daddy McAustin's backpack. (And no Honey, I don't think everyone else will be jealous of your miner's lamp, but then I'm not a man.)

The men's group left for the San Juan Wilderness near Pagosa Springs, CO on Tuesday morning. I know they will have a great time, and wish them safe travel....even if I did get made fun of for suggesting they put handiwipes in each meal pack.;)


Blogger TBG said...

lol about the handiwipes. Poor daddy mcaustin would have gotten teased about that one.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Tammy said...

What is a gorp?

Holy moses that's a big bug!! Maybe it is a bird? A plane?

I'm with you on the whole looting thing. Except my rant had a few cuss words :)

11:05 AM  
Blogger Tee said...

The looting is pissing me off, too. Why do these people lack morals? What the hell is wrong with them? And your other questions are valid, too. They don't even have drinkable water or a toliet - where are their priorities? Are they that stupid that they don't even have a survival instinct???

It's sad that the people who are doing it the right way are standing in line to pay for basic necessities. :(

11:22 AM  
Blogger Lori said...

OMG I would have FREAKED to see a bug that big.

On the looting, just so wrong. I liked Kami's post about the way the media is skewing the racial looting vs 'find' issue.

No Child Left Behind - I have a high schooler and the school is required to provide the opt-out paper in their registration packet each year and you can be damn sure mine goes back.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Okay, that bug is freaking me out and it's just a picture. If I found a bug like that I don't think I'd go outside anymore. Wonder what kind of bug it is? Will have to waste the rest of the work day googling to find the answer.

I agree about the looting. I too, have posted my thoughts about it like everyone else. I do feel for these people and maybe they are honestly thinking that the whole family will need shoes and clothes to trek out of there and they just happen to think the sport stuff's the best...and everyone knows you always need beer!!!!!!!

Love the site!!!

2:59 PM  
Blogger Bente said...

The bug is SCARY! And I think the handiwipes are a fantastic idea!

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, but everyone had a headlamp. Mine was the only one that looked like a OB/Gyn model, but everyone had one. I was not the alpha geek.

Daddy McA

10:46 AM  

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