Thursday, August 25, 2005

On the Other Hand......

...the love fest does have its limits.

Lest you all believe my sons are the perfect brothers...behold the scene I walked into the boys' room to find today after their nap:
Yes, that would be Critter's bed with EVERY SINGLE STUFFED ANIMAL AND BLANKET FROM THE ROOM in his bed......and....poor Little Bit's sad ROMANIAN ORPHANAGE BED DEVOID OF ALL COMFORTS.
The power that comes with being a year older is sometimes too much for him.....


Blogger Piece of Work said...

When both mine were in cribs, the favorite game was to throw all the animals, blankets, etc from Isaac's crib into Vivian's (she was too little to return the favor). Not soon after, Isaac learned to climb out of his crib and into hers, effectively ending any possibility of napping going on. Now, 8 months later, they are finally napping in the same room again! (Isaac in his big boy bed, Viv still in the crib. (she had been sleeping in the pack n play in the other room).

Anyway, those are hilarious photos!!

12:23 AM  

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