Monday, December 05, 2005

We Went: The Advent Event

Saturday was our church's annual family advent fellowship event. We (along with 184 other families!) gathered to assemble and decorate gingerbread churches. This was our first year to attend and I was a little worried that the boys wouldn't be as interested as I wanted them to be, but I was wrong. (I suppose any event where you get to play with candy, slather yourself from top to toe with icing, and then spend a LONG time playing in the water trying to wash all that stickiness off would be highly ranked by most toddlers.) The boys loved it and Princess Lulu was considerate enough to sleep through the whole thing. The end result looks a bit like Hansel & Gretel's house got hit by a tornado spinning off candy debris, but the boys are proud of it, and had a great time.

The Critter ate most of the pretzels.....

It takes lots of concentration...

The Family McAustin with the (almost) finished product.

And in other breaking Christmas news...
Later that day, whilst the rest of us were busily decorating the trees (indoor and outdoor) Little Bit snagged a strand of beads from the box, and happily adorned Humbles the Hippo. He's all about the accessories, that Humbles.

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Blogger Kami said...

Cool!!! We did one last year at Austin CHildren's Museum. Good times! Once Mr. Dallas K gets back from Nippon, we'll do ours!

9:06 AM  

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