Tuesday, December 13, 2005

While the Cat's Away....

Hola, Internet!

Princess Lulu here. Mama is busy cleaning up that terrible mess the boys made last week, and my brothers are interested only in playing outside since they were cooped up indoors all week.

Can you see how bored I've become just sitting here without anyone to entertain me? So in the interest of self-amusement I've decided to take over the computer and update you all on the goings-on the last few days from my point of view. Come along, won't you?

Oooh, look at that!

My parents FINALLY got that huge, green plant-like thingy in the living room finished, or so they say. It's all very sparkly, twinkly and golden, and there's the prettiest little doll sitting right up on top. If I could only reach it, maybe she would play with me.... They say it's the 'pre-lit' tree they got for half price last January, whatever that means. Anyway it is lovely, but Mama keeps mumbling something about Mimi the cat not making it through the holiday if she doesn't leave it alone....

And speaking of that tree, we all had to sit in front of it Sunday and there was all this shouting of "cheese!" and "look at the Wiggles!" and bright flashes of light. The living room was completely rearranged, the laptop was set up under the camera playing those 4 annoying dancing men who talk funny, and the camera was on that menacing 3-legged contraption they keep dragging out to take my picture for my birth announcement. (Yeah, I'm like 5 weeks old, and still no birth announcement. I can only hope they get their act together before I'm walking. And let's not even get into the piles & piles of thank-you notes my Mom is STILL working on. My advice? Be patient, they'll get it sorted out at some point surely...) I overheard someone say this was for our Christmas card photo. It lasted for what seemed like my whole life. Forever, I tell you. Finally I just had to go to sleep, as it had spilled over into my scheduled naptime. So, if you are on the list to get a card, you'll know why I'm sleeping: it was just more than I could bear.

Here, let me show you:
See what I mean?
This is just one of the thousands of really bad shots. Notice that Little Bit and I are the only ones looking at the camera? Why can't everyone follow directions? These people just wear me out.

I also wanted to let you all know that while Mama & Daddy have had a really tough week, I'm doing my best to make it easy on them. I have taken to sleeping from 10:30p.m. until 4:30a.m. I need my beauty rest you know, and these people are really NO FUN in the middle of the night.

And finally, I wanted to thank all you nice Internet people who've been so concerned about my family during the Poonami /Spewnami. We really appreciate all the kinds words and encouragement, and sincerely hope no one else gets it!

I must go, now, as I feel a nap coming on. Or maybe it's gas. Anyway, ta-ta!

Love, Princess Lulu


Blogger mrtl said...

Princess Lulu, you are so precious! Thanks for writing!

Maybe you should do the birth announcements yourself. You obviously have the skilz.

3:26 PM  
Blogger SoozieQ said...

Princess Lulu, you are too cute for words.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Princess Lulu, you are so very talented and adorable. :)

12:51 PM  

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