Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Life Lessons

There is much talk of sharing in our home. With two toddlers who inevitably need exactly the same thing at precisely the same moment, which also happens to be exactly right now, this is a constant occurrence. Here's a bit of today's installment:

Snack this afternoon consisted of apple slices and low-sugar oatmeal cookies which were still warm from the oven. Little Bit, having polished off his cookie immediately, voluntarily asked the Critter if he would like some of his apples. Being the apple fanatic that he is, the Critter said "Yes, please!" and "Thank you!".

Little Bit waited (for what to him I'm sure seemed an appropriate amount of time) for the Critter to reciprocate with his oatmeal cookie. When no offer was forthcoming, he quietly got down from his chair, walked around the Critter's chair, ever-so-delicately reached into the Critter's plate, snagged the cookie, and proceeded to take a big bite from it while going back to his own chair.

Cries of "Hey! That's mine!" ensued, and the stolen cookie was retrieved. We then had to have yet another conversation about how sharing must be agreed upon, and not just when we want someone else to share with us - they must want to share with us as well. Even when we share something first.

Little Bit then went through the proper procedure to ask politely if he might have some of the Critter's cookie, half of said cookie was proffered, and the Earth resumed spinning on it's axis.

He's a slick one, that Little Bit.


Blogger Amy said...

Oye vay, the delicate reach for someone elses treat. It happens all the time around here, with disastrously loud consequences.

(Not sure if I replied to your email from a while back, but glad you got the dress, honey!)

8:44 PM  

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