Monday, July 25, 2005

A Good 5 Lb. Sneeze...

Ughhhhh. The weather is driving me nuts. Or maybe it's this unborn child. Whatever. The theme of this pregnancy seems to be allergies, no make that A L L E R G I E S ! ! ! I have awakened EVERY morning since about 6 weeks with a congestion headache....literally every morning. Some days it goes away by itself once I'm upright, some days not. Lately, with all the hurricane/tropical depression/ barometric pressure hell, I have it all day. And now the sneezing has come.and.will.not.stop. If I could just let go with one really ....productive ...sneeze I swear I could clear five pounds of the .....gunk....from my head. Instead it's just drip....drip...drip. And I can't take much to alleve the symptoms. What I can take causes crappy sleep. So the choices each evening are : 1. take the meds and be able to breath with the hope of getting some sleep due to the fact I'm falling asleep standing up because I'm so tired my body will override the stimulant effects, or 2. be able to sleep soundly for a few hours while the meds from the day wear off, and then wake up in the middle of the night sneezing and gasping for air, hoping that I'll go back to sleep because I'm so tired. It's a toss up most nights. It seems that with each of my pregnanies there has been an ailment theme - you know, one that wasn't just the come-and-go mess that everyone has. With the first it was nerve issues causing hand numbness. With the second it was MASSIVE leg swelling due to vein problems. This one, I think I'm allergic to this child. Sorry to unload, but I just needed to whine for a minute.

So what was your (or your parnter's) pregnancy ailment theme? Share, so I'll feel better...I'm sure you all have worse stories than mine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, that is kinda gross. Do we need to know all that?

6:52 PM  
Blogger MMC said...

You can stop reading at any time. My blog, my place to vent.

7:25 PM  

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