Thursday, July 21, 2005


Yes, this just may be the last straw to the small amount of sanity I do possess.
The house we currently live in was bought under the assumption that we would have to get the roof replaced in a few years. It's been three. NOT A SINGLE GOOD HAIL STORM TO BE HAD!!!! In three years. It is now at the point that we must do it, or risk damage to the rest of the house from stormy weather. So as I sit here and listen to EACH AND EVERY slam above me, from the TEN workers, yes that's 20 lead feet, and watch particles of acoustic ceiling popcorn (hate that stuff) fall EVERYWHERE, there is the audible great sucking sound of THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars draining from our accounts to pay for it because the hail did not come. Not to mention any duckets that will have to go toward replacing anything that gets broken....and the rolls and rolls of paper towels that will have to go toward cleaning up this mess....and the time...and the fact that my kids will be in pissy moods this afternoon/evening due to poor quality napping...and we can't play outside for fear of being stuck by falling (thrown) debris. Luckily the Critter & Little Bit's side of the house was finished this morning. I am still amazed they are sleeping at all. We will leave the house this afternoon, or I will kill someone....probably a limited-English-proficient day laborer wearing Red Wings.


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