Sunday, July 24, 2005

Technology Rocks!

WH is in Japan for the week, but we got to have breakfast together this morning....sort of. Here's what was at Daddy's end of the table.....on the laptop screen....

Daddy McAustin's self-portrait from LoRS

We have had an uneventful Sunday so far, nothing even remotely blog-worthy, so I'll just leave you with the pics of the boys having their afternoon snack, and one of Little Bit at Schllitterbahn on Friday.

The big "cheese"

Sharing cherries with Sprinkles....he has such a good heart!

Look at those cheeks..don't you just want to pinch 'em?

We were too busy making sure no one drowned, so here's the only pic from Schllitterbahn...and I'm pretty sure the only time this child sat down all day!.....


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