Thursday, January 19, 2006


"... life is only in the days that make up a year, in the moments that make up a day. We have to live them as fully and well as we can — nothing else makes any sense."
-Catherine Newman

That said, let me just say how happy I am that I will be leaving my children in the capable care of Daddy McAustin for the days of this weekend while I "recharge".

That's right! I'm escaping here for the weekend to attend my church's annual Women's Retreat. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to miss my family. I'm looking forward to getting to chat with actual adult women about things other than potty training, preschool waiting lists and infant feeding schedules. I'm looking foward to being alone in the car listening to whatever I want to - or simply the silence - on the drive up. I'm looking forward to having multiple times over several days to go to the bathroom without an audience. The fact that there is only the very remotest of possibilites that someone will vomit on my clothes excites me.

Yes, there will be 'spiritual development' and 'bonding', but I'm pretty sure the highlight of my retreat experience will be the 2 consecutive nights of uninterrupted sleep and eating meals that someone else will prepare and clean up.

The reason?
I need to recharge periodically for these 4 people. They deserve a wife and mother who's truly "in" those moments, days, and years that make up life, not just a woman who's "getting through" them.


Blogger Carrie said...

Good for you! That place looks absolutely wonderful! Enjoy yourself!!! :)

3:21 PM  
Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

You absolutely deserve a break. Have a wonderful time.

3:52 PM  
Blogger TBG said...

Have a great weekend you so deserve it.

And Daddy McAustin will have a fun weekend with his kiddos!

8:30 PM  
Blogger The Kept Woman said...

But they're such cute reasons!!!

Have fun, it looks fabulous!

9:24 PM  
Blogger Kami said...


9:42 PM  
Blogger Missy said...

That is so wonderful. Enjoy yourself. The location looks fantastic.

12:42 AM  
Blogger Mainline Mom said...

You are so lucky that Daddy McAustin is willing to take three little ones, including a newborn, all weekend. My hubby can barely handle one when I'm sick. I take it you aren't breastfeeding? I used to long to get away from the Natester when I was nursing but I felt like I had a leash on.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

3:44 PM  

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