Tuesday, September 05, 2006


3 children up, dressed, fed
1 dog, fed
4 bags/backpacks
3 drinks
1 bottle of formula
1 lunch
2 snacks
3 extra sets of clothing
4 diapers-size 4
4 diapers-size 5
1 completed emergency contact info sheet including 'codeword' (!)
483 million raindrops (niiiice timing...)
1 golf umbrella (broken)
2 B*lues C*lues rain panchos
2 kiddos dropped off at gym childcare
1 last-minute dash into the grocery
1/2 cup broccoli florets
2 preschool teachers
1 Critter
6 classmates
26 pictures
1 worn out Mama
9 a.m.

With each and every new step down this road of motherhood, I am increasingly and utterly in awe of all you working parents who do this every.single.day, and at the literal crack of dawn. I am also acutely aware of how lucky I am to have the option of staying home with my kids.


It was a good day.


Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

Your list cracked me up. I am glad it was a good day.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Mainline Mom said...

It's not so bad with just one, but the mornings he doesn't go to school I really cherish getting the day going more slowly. Thank goodness I don't have an office to go to or I'd never get my hair/clothes/makeup done in time to get us both out the door.

10:12 AM  

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