Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pseudo Tantrum Thursday

"Tell me again, Mimi. I didn't quite catch it the first time."

I really enjoy hopping around peeking at everyone else's Tantrum Thursday pics, and would love to play, however I never seem to have a camera handy when those lovely episodes occur.

Take yesterday, for example.....we were on our way to the library for the toddler storytime, had to go, had overdue books, fines, etc. The boys LOVE going, singing the songs, and listening to Miss Margaret read the stories. Yesterday, however, Critter decided that instead of "Library Day" it was "Move As Slowly as Possible to Try to Drive Your Mother Crazy Day". I recognized this early on, and was determined to NOT REACT. I made it clear to him that if he didn't follow directions, we would miss the storytime, and all the singing, which is his favorite part. (I learned previously that the word "hurry" is translated as "move so slowly as to seem to be standing still" in toddlerese.) First the putting on of the shoes...forever, so I took them with us; next, the climbing into the car...eternal; then the getting into the car this point I send up a short prayer for patience and the restraint not to beat this child into submission, and repeated that we would miss the fun. Finally the Critter got strapped in. We make it to the library, get the shoes on (before he's unstrapped of course, how stupid do you think I am?) and then let him get out of the seat while I go around to the other side to get Little Bit's shoes on. C. decides that today is the day that the "no children in the front seat" rule doesn't apply to him, and proceeds to the driver's seat. I tell him FIRMLY to get back into the back and he just gives me "that look". I then tell him that Little Bit and I are going in to Storytime, and that he will have to stay in the car until we get back. (Of course, I would never do that, and this thought crossed my mind as soon as the words left my lips...."say what you mean" and all that.) And guess what? He couldn't have cared less! Which just made me madder. It's 100 degrees, humid enough to drink the air, and I'm holding 28 lbs. of little boy and a bag full of overdue, fine-riddled books. I was not happy. I literally yanked him out of the car....and then felt horrible about doing it.
He was cooperative the rest of the visit, but completely came unglued when the group started singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" - his favorite. Of course, we were too late to get a seat, and therefore couldn't join in. I tried to make it very clear that if he had done as I asked, we would have been on time and could have sung. His performance would have made a great addition to the Tantrum Thursday pool, but of course, no camera. Or maybe a picture of me in my fit-to-be-tied state would have been better......

So anyway, enjoy a couple of pics that we thought were funny.... Have a great Thursday!"I's sooooo thirsty!!


Blogger Kami said...

I just love when my kid does that crap. Yeah, it's good that you caught yourself with the stay in the car statement. My kid woulda been cool with that, too. DARN! Where's the manual?!?!?!?

10:34 AM  
Blogger TBG said...

Toddlers they are a piece of work.

Love the picture it is too cute. "I's soooo thristy"

11:10 AM  
Blogger ieatcrayonz said...

Look at you! I had no idea you were hip to the tantrum pics. I just thought it was a couple of us sickos. ;)

You're right. You never think to click away during those hissy fits.

10:57 PM  

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