Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Way Back Wednesday: Pilin' in the Family Wagon....

It's Wednesday, and once again, The Kept Woman asked us to dig up some memories from the past. Up this week is family vacations. My parents were divorced, so my brother and I always went on vacations with the grandparents.
My Grandfather and a friend had a fishing cabin near Lake Amistad, so many of our trips were to that area. Here we are at Judge Bean's Saloon near Del Rio.
Yeah, we're from Texas....who could miss that hat?
Here we are again, this time with the grandsons of Jim & Bea, the fishing buddies. Hey! I could have used this photo for Bad Hair Week! We went to this place so many times I could probably give the tour from memory to this day. My grandmother must have thought this was a great spot for a photo op, because I have about 10 variations of these same shots....the clothes, hair and companions change, the place does not. (Note to self: vary the photos/angles to prevent boredom.) And although we spent HOURS AND HOURS on the lake doing various watersports, there is not a single pic of any of that....grandma wasn't much of a water gal, and she was designated photog.

Next favorite vacation spot was Cloud Croft, NM. Again, the g-parents had a cabin in the mountains, and we spent many Thanksgivings there, as well as several weeks every summer. My Granddad (the guy in the hat lookin at the camera) was what the family called a "creative driver" and the drive into the mountains was always an adventure. (I learned that making u-turns on steep, icy, mountainside roads rarely turns out well. Go figure....) The scene in the pic is that everyone is trying to figure out how to get my foot out of the wolf trap I stepped in while having a snowball fight with the fam. There must have been something wrong with the trap because we easily got it undone, and I was fine. Some years there was snow, sometimes not. But for a girl growing up in the desert of West Texas, anyplace with tall trees was fabulous.
Next up we have the Davis Mountains and Indian Lodge, always a favorite.
These are from a hiking trip to the Big Bend my Mom and I took just after I graduated from HS.

Last on our tour we have the obligatory trip to DC that all elementary kids should take. My brother and I spent several weeks each summer with my Dad's mom in VA, and we made the DC trek several times. I love DC, so much to do. I think I'm being "see no evil" here. Again, with the hair......sheesh!


Blogger TBG said...

Great Pics.

Thanks for visiting today:
About the 3 in 3 years that is great lots of work but great. My sister in law has 3 in 2 years and they are not multiples. 3 seperate pregnancies all about 13 months apart.

My mom had 5 of us total 2 that are 16 months apart and then 10 years later the 3 in 3 years. Lots of work but we are all here and had a great childhood what more could you ask for.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Mama Duck said...

The first picture is my favorite!! Totally Texan!!

Do you know in all my years in TX we never made it to Big Bend? I heard it was totally cool though. I don't get the whole romance of camping there though...don't they have scorpions? It's bad enough when they got in my house, I didn't want to think about sleeping on the ground with them!

10:36 AM  

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