Saturday, September 03, 2005

Current Statistics

Just a few numbers from this week at Casa McAustin....

79: Dollars to fill up the 'Burban last Sunday.

90: Percent of gas tank still full 6 days later.

1: Times the garage door got hung on the roof of the car while trying to keep Demon Beast from escaping Tuesday.

7: Times I woke up during the night it was open.

16: Minutes in one sitting to completely cut both boys' hair. A household record.

211: Dollars I paid Wednesday to the garage door repair people to make it work properly again.

Less than 1: Minutes Little Bit cried after receiving his final immunizations Wednesday morning.

Greater than 100: Percentile he (still) ranks for head circumference. (Pray for a small-headed girl!)

3: Gallons of milk I'm so thankful I was able to purchase for myself and sons.

2: Tantrums caused by completely inane events for Critter.

105: Minutes Little Bit talked or sang during his first (and hopefully last) middle of the night variety show Thursday.

9: Hugs & kisses my babysitter gave the boys upon seeing them at Sam's.

188: My bill at Sam's for items for Katrina relief.

6: People in line ahead of me.

12: Open lanes with similar numbers of customers buying relief items.

3: HEB semi's bound for LA with donated items we saw pull out at 7pm.

3: Times last night after dinner that I spoke sharply enough to my sons to cause someone to cry.

4: Number of times I had to stop myself from going in their bedroom to hold them after they'd gone to sleep.

2: Times last night I had to consciously divert my attention so I wouldn't turn on CNN .

21: Muddy footprints on my off-white carpet left by Demon Dog while having to be dragged through the house and down into the garage because he wouldn't come in on his own.

346: The numbers on the clock when I woke up this morning.

529: The numbers on the clock when I gave up trying to go back to sleep.

5: Masons coming to start on my new flowerbeds and mailbox this morning.

9: Inches of exposed "dunlop" on the head mason.

10: Time my babysitter is arriving so I can go get a haircut and buy paint....alone.

64: Number of days until Princess McAustin's due date.

2: Days until Daddy McAustin returns from camping.

4: Number of "I yuv you, Mama" s heard this morning.

0: Minutes I will listen to or watch CNN today.

The Katrina situation is making me tense and irritable, and it's affecting my family. That ends today. I can't watch/listen to/read about Government officials who are or are not doing their jobs, what 'should' have happened, or anymore people in such desperate need. I have done what I can, but I have reached my saturation point for a while.


Blogger Monkey said...

the pics are beautiful...

and huge hugs to you...i cant watch either...


12:57 PM  
Blogger Mama Duck said...

Dang it girl. Stop using numbers to early in the morning, you're making me all kinds of confused.

Agreed about the coverage and effect it's having on me as well.

You're doing the right things, being thankful for what you have and giving what you can.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

We have to remember that it is okay to turn off the TV for a while and just be thankful for what we have. Spending time with your family and being happy is a good thing - especially for your children. If we get oversaturated and depressed, we aren't much use anyways. I am taking a day or two off to regroup as I am completely worthless and exhausted today after weekend eforts.

What exactly is the 'dunlop' on the head mason???????????

1:37 PM  
Blogger MMC said...

"Dunlop": n. the section of a large belly that hangs out from beneath the shirt and over the pants waistband. (Your belly 'done lopped' over your belt.)
Antonym: "six pack abs";
Synonym: "dickiedo"...(Your belly sticks out farther than your 'dickie do').
Yes, Daddy McAustin is ALWAYS coming up with more vocabulary for me to learn! Apparently these are things they teach pre-pubescent boys.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Oh no! That is too funny!!!!!!! I almost spit my water all over the screen over the 'dickiedo'... hahahahahaha

2:42 PM  

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