Monday, October 17, 2005

(Supposed to be) Monday Meme

This was a fun one.
I stole this meme from Tee, who stole it from others. I meant to get it finished last night, but just couldn't make it happen, so today is it.

You have to use Google Images to search for:
*The name of the town I grew up in

Fort Stockton, Texas

*The name of the town I live in now

Austin, Texas

*My name

I have a unique first name, and someone has named their Great Pyrenees the same! Strange, since we have the same breed.

*My grandma's name


This is a picture I'd never before seen. It was taken at a family reunion for my grandfather's family in 1950. I blew up the portion of the shot that has my grandparents (chartreuse dress & grey suit), Mom (little blond girl), and Uncle (between the gp). It's a bit eerie, the only one still living from that first picture is the little boy in the striped shirt, and he's a great-grandfather now.

*My favorite food

seared sea scallops. Yum.

*My favorite drink

Yes, even after the unfortunate CHD Christmas Benefit incident, I still love champagne.

*My favorite song
That was too hard for my brain to wrap around, so I skipped this one.

*My favorite smell Lavender. (There are no Google images of the tops of my babies' heads;))

Try it, it's fun!


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