Thursday, July 28, 2005

"Headin' Down the Highway"

Watch out! He's got wheels, and knows how to use them!
As we were playing out on the deck yesterday evening, the Critter called out to me "Look Mama, feet on the pedals!" I look up to see him roll by on his tricycle, pedaling like a pro, with an intense look of concentration on his face. He has accomplished the time honored toddler rite of passage of 'learning to ride a tricycle'!
Little bit was a great cheerleader, but REALLY wanted in on the action. He got on his own "cycle" and said "feet..cliunnaklje ....pedal" only to look down to discover that his doesn't have pedals.
And he's off! Yay, Critter!

About 2 hours later......
Stupid orange juice.
Yummy, fresh-squeezed, UNPASTEURIZED orange juice.
It was hot out, I was thirsty, OJ looked soooo inviting.
Noticed the BRIGHT ORANGE warning label, and thought "It's a good thing I've never had a problem with the stuff."
Famous last words.
Up all night.
Hugging the toilet.
Stupid food poisoning.
Better now....11.very.long.hours.later.

NEVER make fun of your friend for choosing non-nitrate, unpasteurized hotdogs triggering a case of mild listeriosis by saying "Yeah, listeria is soooo much better than nitrates!" It WILL come back around to bite you in the a**.


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